Planning applications 2013

13/00027/AS  Meadows, Church Road, Smeeth  TN25 6SA   Internal alterations to form habitable basement to include tanking to walls, replacement windows, air conditioning unit and alterations to staircase.  Alterations to ground floor layout including removal of wall between kitchen and dining room.  Demolition of garage and erection of gates.

13/00108/AS  Evegate Business Park, Station Road, Smeeth   CHange of use of land for erection of PV panel arrays – amendment to previous permission 12/00687/AS

12/01439/AS (as amended)  Land North East of and adjacent 5 Manse Field, Brabourne   Construction of two semi detached houses plus six parking bays

13/00003/OLE/AS   Overhead line running along The Plain, Plain Road, Smeeth    Replace existing open wire electricity lines with a 95mm aerial bundled conductor

13/00320/AS    Katoomba, Woolpack Hill, Smeeth      Erection of a summerhouse with decking

13/00418/AS   Haywain Cottage, Woolpack Hill, Smeeth      Construction of conservatory to the rear of the property

13/00425/AS  Evegate Business Farm   Stationing of mobile home for temporary period

13/00445/AS   7 Ramstone Close, Smeeth   New single storey garage with materials to match existing house

13/00655/AS   Evegate Bungalow, Station Road, Smeeth  Erection of a two storey front and side extension and a single storey rear extension.  Amendment to approved application 11/01194/AS.  Part retrospective

13/00701/AS   Evegate Business Park, Station Road, Smeeth  Amendments to application 12/01140/AS (Change of use of land for an additional parking area for 34 cars) being the reduction of spaces of 34 to 32, construction of landscape bunds and new agricultural access to fields

13/00700/AS   Little Home Farm, Bower Road, Smeeth   Conversion of exisitng barn to annexx accommodation

13/00956/AS   Glen Avon, Plain Road, Smeeth  Erection of a new roof structure with dormer windows and front and rear extensions to form first floor accommodation

13/01130/AS   Land between Inwood and Dalveen, Plain Road, Smeeth  Application for reserved matters for the erection of one chalet style dwelling (associated outline permission 10/01216/AS)

11/01167/AS  Pendennis, Plain Road, Smeeth     Proposed front and side two storey extensions

13/01192/AS  The Bower Cottage, Church Road, Smeeth  Proposed single storey side extension

13/01204/AS  3 Harvest Cottages, Woolpack HIll, Smeeth   Erection of a first floor extension