12/00007/AS   Warren Cottage, Pound Lane, Smeeth   Erection of replacement dwelling and garage

12/00073/AS   Little Home Farm, Bower Road,Smeeth   Remodelling of existing dwelling to include new roof structure with dormer windows, changes to fenestration and two storey extension with detached garage

11/01194/AS Evegate Business Park, Station Road, Smeeth (amended)     Erection of two no. office buildings; alterations and erection of extension to AOC dwelling and change of use of ground floor to veterinary clinic; creation of additional parking spaces, widening of access, creation of waste storage area, creation of restaurant storage area, recladding of a blockwork wall, recladding and new roof to agricultural building and the recladding of the silversmiths building

12/00170/AS  Evegate Manor, Station Road, Smeeth    Conversion of store building to annex for use of a family member

12/00211/AS   Little Stock Barn, Bower Road, Smeeth    Application for lawful development certificate for existing use as dwelling and curtilage at Little Stock Barn

12/00250/AS  National Grid Co plc, Church Lane, Aldington   Formation of a hardstanding area for the storage of spare electricity equipment, including earthworks, drainage and security fencing

12/00546/AS Little Home Farm, Bower Road, Smeeth Amendment to the position of the approved garage structure on application ref 12/00073/AS

12/00524/AS  Smeeth County Primary School, Church Road, Smeeth  To replace the existing porta cabin with a new, modern modular building

KCC/AS/0153/2012  Woodleas Farm, Goldwell Lane, Aldington  Proposed change of use from a skip depot to a waste transfer depot with construction of a new building.  Provision of a portacabin and a weighbridge

12/00730/AS   Little Bower Farm, Bower Road, Smeeth    Replacement of existing barn with a two-storey outbuilding

12/00742/AS   Katoomba, Woolpack Hill, Smeeth    Single storey rear extensions including additional dormer window to rear elevation to increase loft room accommodation

12/00687/AS   Evegate Business Park, Station Road, Smeeth        Change of use of land for erection of PV panel arrays

12/00688/AS    Wembdon Farm, Bower Road, Smeeth    Change of use of land for erection of PV panel arrays

12/00799/AS & 12/00800/AS  Park Cottage, The Ridgeway, Smeeth    Construction of a carport and garden store.  Installation of window and internal alterations to main dwelling

12/00171/AS  (Listed Buildinjg Consent) Evegate Manor, Station Road, Smeeth Conversion of ancillary building to a residential annex for the use of a family member

12/00921/AS  (Lawful Development Certificate)  Little Home Farm, Bower Road, Smeeth    Existing use – Retention of existing outbuilding/barn in the curtilage of a private residence

KCC/AS/0153/2012   Woodleas Farm, Goldwell Lane, Aldington   Proposed change of use from a skip depot and agricultural land to a waste transfer depot with construction of a new building.  Provision of a portacabin and weighbridge  (Further details)

12/01104/AS    Bog Farm, Plain Road, Smeeth     Proposed single extension to form dining room

12/01140/AS    Evegate Business Park    Change of use of land for an additional parking area for 34 cars

12/01233/AS   Katoomba, Woolpack Hill, Smeeth   Single storey side and rear extensions including new conservatory; alteration to roof form to create additional living space and the addition of 3 x new dormer windows to rear elevation

12/01265/AS   Katoomba, Woolpack Hill, Smeeth   One and a half storey rear extension, one and a half storey side extension and two dormer windows to the rear

12/01439/AS  Land North East of and adjacent 5 Manse Field, Brabourne    Construction of two semi-detached three bedroomed houses plus six parking bays