A new app – helping local families discover the fantastic activities in Smeeth

Hoop – the UK’s #1 family app which helps families get out the house to discover all the fantastic, fun activities in their area.
Just as a bit of background, Hoop is a free to download app designed to help families find kid’s activities in their local area. Parents can simply enter their postcode into their phone and find all the great activities happening around them. We’ve got 1,000,000 families using our app and over 10,000 activity providers listing their own activities on our Hoop for Organisers platform for free.
Here’s our website if you’d like to learn a bit more about us: https://hoop.co.uk/
Thousands of activities are hosted around rural settlements all across the UK every day, but often it can be difficult for families to find out when they are happening. Hoop is keen to help bridge this gap! Already used by 10,000 activity organisers, Hoop offers its other platform ‘Hoop for Organisers’ for activity providers looking to reach more families. Activity organisers or venue managers can easily sign up to our Hoop for Organisers service for free and list their activities within a matter of minutes.
Here’s the link to our Hoop for Organisers page for more info: https://hoop.co.uk/organisers/
As you’ll know, many local activity providers in Smeeth may not have a functioning webpage to list their activities. Hoop for Organisers allows activity organisers to list their activities all in one place and it’s completely free to do so. Here’s an example of a ‘Hoop Page’ which organisers can use to list their activities when they use Hoop for Organisers: https://hoop.co.uk/sama-karate/
We’re really keen to get even more families and kids engaged in fun activities in their communities and I think the activity organisers in your area would really benefit from using Hoop, helping families discover fun activities and making sure every class is full!
[This post should not be taken as an endorsement of the app  by the Parish Council.  It is posted for information only.]