Yvonne Moo

My life in the village started with a move to Knatchbull Way in 1981 and we have lived in Pound Lane since 1988. Our daughter went to Brabourne School.

I joined Smeeth Parish Council as a co-opted members in April 2019. My mother was a Parish Councillor in the Kent village I grew up in, so when I was approached it seemed to be the natural thing to do.

My first year was a learning curve, sitting, listening and a lot of reading. No one told me in the beginning about the emails and the information trail! One year in and just getting confident, then the pandemic swept in and Zoom became the new meeting room……….my learning curve is still ongoing!

It’s not just the bimonthly meetings. It’s not just about voting with a raise of hands and being able to pass an opinion. It’s also about being approachable and listening to those villagers that chat and raise concerns. Those villagers are the people the Parish Council represents.

Both the Parish Councils do an excellent job. Between them I think the Village Caretaker scheme is a brilliant example of getting things right. I would just love to see more people come to the meetings though. It’s not all about planning and dog poo bags!