Hilary Alford

Hilary grew up in Elham surrounded by numerous siblings and her grandfather’s steam engines. She says she often has to remind her husband that this is clearly the reason she has difficulty parking her car, being used to driving something a little larger! She has wonderful memories of village life in the 1960s and appreciates the virtues of living in an active parish. Hilary moved to Kennington when she married John in 1977 and was delighted to return to village life when they moved to Brabourne Lees in 1994 and Smeeth in 2001.

She joined Smeeth Parish Council in September 2016. When asked why she joined she replied “I was coerced”. They chuckled and replied “No, you mean co-opted.” “No definitely coerced – by a friend over a glass of wine.” Looking back, she is very glad she agreed.

Hilary works for KCC but considers herself to be only a small cog within a very efficiently run Parish Council. Before joining the PC she says she took village life for granted and (rather ashamedly), hadn’t appreciated all the efforts made by the many village groups and volunteers. Hilary says it is inspiring to her to see how the commitment, time and energy of fellow Councillors and parishioners sustains strong community links and support services for those who reside in our parish.

Hilary considers that it is important that the PC reflects the voice of parishioners and safeguards Smeeth and Brabourne as one community by protecting our village boundaries and managing carefully proposed housing developments whilst ensuring we retain the heart of our village and community.